Remove all empty Illustrator artboards at once

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I like to use the artboard feature in Illustrator regularly to create iterations of my designs in one document in an orderly fashion. You can create new artboards using the artboard tool (SHIFT + O) or add them using the Control panel. 

Adobe Illustrator Steuerungsbedienfeld

When designing, you may well end up with a larger number of such artboards (even empty ones). Tidy files not only help you find things faster, they also save disk space. Currently you can delete only one selected artboard natively. 

Scripts to the rescue

It’s worth visiting the Adobe Support Communities, because there you can find solutions to many questions or problems. Even those that you don’t necessarily expect. There was one such question about deleting several empty Illustrator artboards at once.

Those who know me know that I’m a big fan of extending the functionality of apps with miniature programs called scripts. User Charu Rajput was helpful enough to provide the code for a script for this problem right away. So that you don’t have to type the script yourself, you can download it at the link Delete-AI-Artboards .

Once you have downloaded the script, extract the archive and save the JavaScript file with the extension “.jsx” in the Adobe Illustrator app folder under Presets > Your_language_version > Scripts.

Adobe Illustrator Skripte Ordner

To invoke the script, go to the menu File > Scripts, where the script should show up under the name “Remove-Empty-Artboards”. Select it and you’re done: all empty artboards have been removed.

Post image: ©Jan Kopriva, Pexels

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