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Print files from Office programs sounds like magic. This is because Microsoft Word and other Office programs do not necessarily export PDF files to print standards that printers like to receive.

Since January 2022, the PDFX-ready website has been offering an Office PDF converter free of charge. This allows digital printing files to be created according to the PDF/X-4 standard.

Stephan Jaeggi provides information in his latest »PDF-Aktuell«-Newsletter that he updated his PDFX-ready Office PDF converter after user feedback he received.

The new version offers improved color conversion for indexed RGB objects, RGB images as well as texts and vectors. You can download the profile from the PDFX-ready website free of charge.

PDFX-ready Prüfprofil Downloadangaben

You will also find profiles for print data verification and the PDFX-ready Web PDF profile for online publishing.

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