Creative Cloud apps with limited rather than no Pantone support

Paint buckets with colors

This is an update to an older article on this topic. As of writing there seems to be an agreement between Adobe and Pantone, as the announcement to remove the Pantone color libraries from the Creative Cloud earlier this year is now applied in a somewhat limited way.

As you can read in the announcement below, the Pantone+ Coated (colors for coated paper), the Pantone+ Uncoated (colors for uncoated paper) and Pantone+ Metallic (metallic colors) libraries will still be accessible.

All other Pantone libraries will no longer be available from September 2022. Not even in the Creative Suite 6 apps.

Pantone Information
Screenshot from the Adobe Help Website

Read more about the Pantone Plus color libraries on the Adobe-Website.

There is a detailed article by Jeff Potter on CreativePro, which describes the new Pantone Connect PlugIn and answers possible open questions.

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