Where is the Character Style?

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Did you encounter styled text in InDesign that seemingly doesn’t have a Character Style applied?

One possibility is that the corresponding text was formatted manually and no character style was applied. However, this is not recommended for larger amounts of text in case this type of markup occurs several times and you may need to change it later on.

There could also be a so-called “GREP style” in use. This is an InDesign feature that allows to automatically assign a character style to a special character string as defined by the user. However, when you select this part of the text, the character style “None” is shown.

Get help in the Character Style panel

First of all, in the Paragraph Styles panel, make sure that the appropriate paragraph format in which the markup occurs is selected.

InDesign Absatzbedienfeld

Switch to the Character Style panel. The style “None” is selected in the defined style names, but you will see a hint at the bottom of the panel that tells you which character style was actually applied to the selected text.

InDesign Zeichenformate-Bedienfeld

GREP-styles are a great way to mark up frequently recurring expressions. You can define them in the options dialogue window of the paragraph style in the “GREP Style” section.

Optionsdialog Absatzformat – Abteilung GREP

GREP Styles allow you to capture not only simple text but also complex combinations of characters. If you want to learn more about this topic, I can recommend the book “GREP in InDesign” from Peter Kahrel.

GREP in InDesign

Take a look at a more advanced application of GREP Styles in the Tutorial “Reveal word spacing in InDesign”.

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